About us

Oxygen Atlas arose from our love of Morocco and from our passion for exploring and trekking in the wonderful vast mountain ranges in Morocco including the desert. The spirit which drives us puts man and nature at the heart of our reflection in the preparation of our circuits / treks. We very much value responsible tourism and it is an integral part of all our planning.
The whole party: guide, muleteers and cooks will have the pleasure of welcoming you as our guests. We shall take you to the heart of a unique and magnificent landscapes, which we would like to protect and you will the opportunity to experience the kindness and the hospitality of the inhabitants of the mountains.

The journey will give us the opportunity to exchange stories about different cultural subjects, in an open minded spirit and in the respect of the social integrity of local communities.
Our stays gives opportunity to the communities welcoming us to improve their material conditions and to become participants of the economic life in their region, essential condition to set up a really sustainable development.

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”

(Saint Augustin)


  • Oxygen Atlas provides another way of travelling, far from the big tourist infrastructures and to discover sites of extraordinary beauty in beautiful and underestimated Morocco. Experience authentic feelings in direct contact with nature, become soaked with the magic of the desert in the slow rhythm of the caravan of dromedaries.
  • Walking / Treks  are opened to everyone, for all levels of fitness and  organized in a spirit of openness and conviviality.
  • They are always opportunities of warm meetings with the hospitable and charming Berberian population.
    You choose the rhythm of your holidays which corresponds best to you.
  • Stay discovery or large-scale trekking, our expert knowledge of Morocco allows us to select the best routes and to develop personalized and original programs in the mountains and or desertQ
  • But our number one goal is the satisfaction of your expectations and the desire to best realize your dream that is often that of a lifetime. We want you to live the country in all its splendor, as much by the beauty of its incredible landscapes as by the meeting with its authentic people.

Meet our team


Guide & founder of OXYGENATLAS

A graduate of the mountain training center, Nabyl has many years of experience in the field. With his unparalleled knowledge of the routes offered by OxygenAtlas, he is the guarantor of your satisfaction and your safety during your stay. Always at your disposal, with an innate sense of relationship, he will develop tailor-made itineraries with you and will take you further than you imagine! For him, organizing a nature trip is not only about technique, it is a vocation, to show what is invisible, to tell what is not said. His team consists of experienced Moroccan colleagues (guides, camel drivers, muleteers, cooks), a network of collaborators patiently woven over the years, always ready to share their good mood and do their best to make your stay unforgettable.


Hiking Companion

Anne Marie, a hiking guide in the community, divides her time between her native France and Morocco where she has forged strong bonds of friendship over the years, to the point of creating a small haven of peace on the foothills. of the Central High Atlas for her pleasure and that of her guests.

The journey on foot is for her the ideal way to discover the deep soul of a country, to share rare moments of casual encounters rich in authenticity, to live beautiful human adventures.

“To travel is to accept and live the difference”. This maxim is the basis of all its group accompaniments; it is also the raison of being OxygenAtlas that it naturally chose to join.



Trained by the Briançon guides and graduated from the Mountain Trades Training Center (CFAMM) of Tabant (Aït Bouguemez) in 1986.

For more than 20 years, he accompanies the groups of walkers in the most beautiful regions of Morocco Atlas and desert
Serious and competent, he is delighted to introduce you to the wonders of his country, as well as the way of life of the Berbers. The most important thing for him is that you are well received in Morocco and that you have a great stay.
He speaks Arabic, French and Berber.


Bikes Guide

Sadik is from a small village at the foot of the Anti-Atlas. He has 10 years of experience as an Enduro mountain bike attendant. Always in shape and in a good mood, he knows all the trails. With its dynamic character, it will make you discover Morocco in depth. He wants to share with you his great openness and his sense of celebration.



Berber guide from the Happy Valley in the Moroccan Central High Atlas, a graduate of biology-geology, a state graduate of the Trades Training Center of the Mountain of Tabant (Morocco), 15 years of experience as a mountain, desert guide with travel agencies and solidarity tourism associations. Passionate about travel, meetings and botany, he has a great open-mindedness, he is always in shape and in a good mood. He will guide you safely and will make you know the flora, fauna and geology of Morocco.



Originally from the Haut-Atlas and graduated from the hotel school, he will delight you with the traditional Moroccan cuisine with its oriental spices. Discreet and attentive, our chefs will put all their knowledge to work to bring you a little more essential to the success of your stay.



Anti-Atlas farmer, Abdou will delight you with traditional Moroccan cuisine with its oriental spices. Attentive and very involved, he will put all his knowledge to work to bring you a little more essential to the success of your stay. He likes to create contact and will be happy to let you know the particularities of his country.

Caravan team

Muleteers & Camel men

Recruited among the populations of the regions crossed, few are those who speak French. But their kindness, their sense of sharing, the songs and the music in the evening, will help you to communicate and your exchanges will be only warmer. They are peasants, shepherds or nomads, often married and fathers of families. Accompanying the hikes is for them an important extra work, it allows them to buy tea, sugar, oil, notebooks and books for their children.

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